About Us

Global Leadership Institute, is a transformational training and consulting organization that delivers corporate training, coaching, workshops and consulting services.

Our management facilitators and consultants have decades of experience transforming people & performance in leading organizations around the globe.We support organizations in becoming thriving places to work, connect and succeed. We achieve these outcomes by tapping into managers’ leadership strengths, growing their communication skills, & deepening their professional resilience.

Core Business

Global Leadership Institute core competency is the provision of Consultancy & Training to achieve measurable improvements in People, Performance & Profits.

Global Leadership Institute open programmes offer concrete toolkits of effective and practical techniques, strategies and skills to take away. The content continually evolves in response to new business challenges and new managerial agendas.Our targeted skills domains lie at the intersection of Technology and Business, at the point where organizations can maximize value.

Consulting Services

We connect and decipher the information businesses need to thrive. For clients exploring opportunities different sectors, we deliver practical advice by integrating world-class advice and corporate consultancy.

Our people combine the management calibre of a blue chip consultancy with the ability to speak in technical and operational terms. By doing so, we can act as translators between financial institutions and technical experts, for example, to give our clients clearer insight – for a competitive edge.

Our People

Global Leadership Institute over the years has nurtured a vast network of experienced international consultants with extensive industry experience who have held executive and management positions.

The team incorporates an outstanding academic background with professional strength and maturity when delivering a public seminar.

For consultancy or in-company knowledge transfer, the real world business experience provides insight and understanding of the cultural and organizational difficulties related to sustainable performance and business development.