Procurement & Contract Management Training in Kenya

You can enhance your efficiency and bring cost reductions to your organization as well as improving your skills by participating in one of these Procurement & Materials Management training courses. You can be confident that that the courses are delivered by world-class experts in their field of purchasing, warehousing and materials management. These skills will enable you, your team and your organization to succeed in the fast paced environment that is today’s business world.Procurement Contract Management.

Solicit, award & manage contracts

Our Procurement and Contract Management Curriculum path is designed specifically to help you and your team solicit, award and manage contracts. This training path reflects the procurement and contracting life-cycle, from requirements definition through to contract completion. It is designed to support learning in the major competency areas required to successfully manage contracts and your acquisition workforce.

Our trainers are experts in their fields of endeavour as well as having excellent training skills making our training, informative, insightful, and interesting and dare we say it, fun!

A major focus of this course will be the integrative requirements of project procurement and contracting management within a realistic planning and execution schema. We touch on certain legal ramifications and requirements of procurement and contracting management, yet the goal of the course is to highlight the processes, tools and strategies to successfully manage project procurements.