Equal Opportunity & IP Policies

In the provision of its services as a world-class Training Provider, Global Leadership Institute is committed to provide fair access / equal opportunities throughout the delivery of its courses and assessment leading to the completion of our courses, or 3rd party qualifications/certifications.

The objective of this policy is to ensure that both delegates and organizations with whom Global Leadership Institute does business are treated fairly and equally irrespective of gender, color, ethnic or national origin, age, marital status, disability, family circumstances, socio-economic background, and so forth.

Global Leadership Institute aims to comply with any legislative requirements that intend to prevent unfair discrimination and/or protects equal opportunities and ensure that any changes to current legislation are reflected in this policy.

By facilitating the structure and contents of its training courses as well as its processes for assessment, Global Leadership Institute will exploit reasonable effort to:

  • Ensure delegates/candidates receive fair and equal opportunities in order to help and encourage them to reach their full potential through training and development while safeguarding the integrity of its training courses.
  • Prevent unnecessary barriers to achievement (including but not limited to arrangements for access, assessment of training needs, reasonable adjustment and special consideration).
  • Guarantee fair assessment to all delegates/candidates, including those with particular assessment arrangements;
  • Comply with all existing legislative requirements in relation to equal opportunity (If Global Leadership Institute is delivering courses or seminars in another country, due consideration is given to any geographical variations in equal opportunity legislative requirements).

In order to meet these criteria, Global Leadership Institute will exhaust reasonable effort to make adjustments and special consideration (whenever deemed appropriate as to the circumstances) to delegates/candidates undertaking Global Leadership Institute courses and/or organizations with direct link to Global Leadership Institute’s courses.

Global Leadership Institute monitors the commitment of its Staff to equality and diversity from time to time.

Proprietary Interest and IP Policies

Global Leadership Institute and/or Course Partners or Instructors will retain intellectual property of courses and course content. Program partners or individual instructors may hold financial interest and provide consulting towards the development of programs or courses. Copyright ownership, financial interest, and consulting relationships for each seminar or course and related content will be clearly stated in specific seminar or course agreements. Global Leadership Institute and its instructors will disclose, in advance of each learning event, any proprietary interest in any products, instruments, devices, services, or material discussed during the experience, event or seminar, as well as the source of any third-party compensation related to the presentation.

Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Intellectual property rights may be defined in mutual agreements with Course Partners or Instructors. Such content will be properly licensed, acquired, and applied according to mutual agreement with the intellectual property rights holder.