Finance & Accounting Training in Kenya

Learn financial management and accounting strategies for today’s business.

Global Leadership Institute specializes on finance and accounting training classes, seminars and workshops for professionals at all levels of experience and expertise.

Understand accounting concepts, and terminology.

Because customer satisfaction is our most important goal, our approach to finance and accounting training is “targeted learning.” In other words, we do not present “cookie-cutter” finance and accounting programs. We believe the client is best served and the employees are better trained, when the subject matter is tailored to the circumstances of the organization’s industry, situation, and needs.

Our onsite Finance and Accounting courses and seminars are tailored to your organization and your industry.
All of our finance and accounting programs are highly interactive with learning activities designed around adult learning principles.

The interactive exercises, cases, discussions and practice sessions used in the training are tailored to your organization and your learner’s level of experience. We make the learning experience “real world” to ensure learner engagement. Our goal is to maximize the transfer of learning from the classroom to on-the-job application.

Learn up-to-date financial management and accounting practices.

Updated financial management and accounting practices are important for every business. Whether you need onsite or online training in budgeting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, purchasing or inventory control Global Leadership Institute can provide training you need.

From finance for non-financial managers to advanced compliance issues, beginners and experts alike will benefit from the latest finance and accounting strategies and techniques that keep your skills sharp and and your business on track.

Many companies provide finance and accounting training but are not there when you need follow-up. This is where Global Leadership Institute is truly unique. We are available to provide support after the training.

All of our finance and accounting trainers are subject matter experts in their fields and have extensive hands-on experience. In addition, they are master facilitators. This rare combination of extensive finance and accounting experience and excellent training skills ensures you will receive a true learning experience.

In today’s challenging market conditions and intensely competitive landscape, being able to get your people moving in the same direction and working together as a team is critical to achieving goals. Successful organizations recognize the need to continually develop both their employees’ and managers’ knowledge in finance and accounting.

At Global Leadership Institute, we focus on performance. Whether your group is large or small, or whether you need onsite or online training Alliance has the right trainer and the right finance and accounting program for you and your organization.