Train The Trainer Training in Kenya

Develop critical training skills and learn new approaches to deliver powerful training and presentations.

Many people have developed surprisingly rich vocabularies. But, delivering an effective keynote speech, presentation or training session goes well beyond just saying the right words. As research indicates, no other animal has the range, depth, or fluency of oral expression that humans have to deliver a message.

Delivering effective presentations requires that the trainer knows how to put it all together. The words, voice tone, and body language must work together. Remember, it is not what you say, but how you say it, that gets the meaning across.

A successful facilitator has a cache of tools and presentation techniques at his or her disposal to meet different needs throughout a training session. Since each training session is unique, you must learn how to be flexible without breaking your train of thought and failing to make the point. You must develop an open learning environment and be prepared to deal appropriately with those who will challenge, confront and try to disrupt the training environment.

A great trainer must have superior presentation skills and personal confidence. But most importantly, they must be able to engage the audience.