Strategic Planning Training Services in Kenya

Strategic planning is critical to business success; these courses are an opportunity to develop your strategic thinking, decision-making and planning in order to provide overall direction to your organisation and how the objectives will be achieved. Because strategic management is not static in nature, it is essential to keep up to date with the latest models and best practice to help you become an effective strategist for functional areas or the organisation as a whole in an increasing complex and competitive environment.

Our portfolio of training courses explores the key topics in the formulation and implementation of the strategy for major goals and initiatives, analysing the operating environment, allocating resources to implement the plans, strategic decision-making, the role of mission, vision and out-of-the-box thinking. Register today and give yourself, your team and your organisation a strategic advantage.

This training course teaches attendees how to:

  • Benchmark the current organization
  • Identify, via a SWOT analysis, the future challenges
  • Plan a strategy for change
  • Communicate sensitively to those concerned
  • Operate within the legal frameworks during period of transition

Why choose strategic thinking and planning training from Global Leadership Institute?

Delivered by tutors who are expert in their field, as well as experienced trainers, our courses are designed to help you and your team work more effectively internally and externally. As the leader in professional training, we draw on our years of worldwide experience to provide effective learning and development opportunities.