Trade Facilitation

Global Leadership Institute specialises in international trade facilitation by leveraging the knowledge and skills of key executives and managers within the group to provide our customers with sound advice and strategies involving procedures and controls that govern the movement of goods across national borders.

We aim to reduce associated cost burdens and maximise efficiency while safeguarding legitimate regulatory objectives. The World Trade Organisation defines Trade Facilitation as ‘The simplification and harmonisation of international trade procedures’ where trade procedures are the ‘activities, practices and formalities involved in collecting, presenting, communicating and processing data required for the movement of goods in international trade’ (WTO1998).

This service has evolved from our Customs brokerage background and the subsequent trade projects we have been involved in over the years with customers. Our standard approach to complex assignments is to confirm project scope and deliverables then assign appropriate resources from within our business. Where appropriate we can also utilise industry knowledge and experience across a range of critical logistics and supply chain disciplines and facilitate input from trusted external resources before advising accordingly on the best solutions available to either commence or continue trading.