Business Architecture Consulting in Kenya

We develop business architectures in kenya to give organizations a shared vision and guide future improvements.

businessarchitectureIn order to realize strategy or business transformation objectives, a company’s business and operating structure must often be re-architected. Effective business architecture also plays a critical role in delivering products or services in a high quality and low cost manner. Business architecture essentially defines how processes, technology, organization structure, roles / competencies, metrics and infrastructure need to be structured, configured and integrated to support new business strategies.

Our full-service capabilities centering on strategy, process and technology are seamlessly leveraged to support our business architecture services.

Our Business Architecture services in Kenya include:

  • Capability Modeling and Design
  • Process Architecture
  • Organization Design and Role Definition
  • Shared Services Strategy and Design
  • Technology / Enterprise Architecture

Capability Modeling and Design

Core capabilities are the key functions within an organization that play a critical role in delivering an organization’s unique value proposition to the market. Global Leadership Institute works with our clients to define the targeted business outcomes and design requirements for core capabilities. These requirements then provide the key inputs to process, organization and technology architectures.

Process Architecture

Defining and designing end-to-end business processes that have clear ownership and are aligned to target business outcomes are important pieces of any business architecture. Global Leadership Institute leverages its deep capabilities around process design and process integration to assist clients in developing process architectures. Global Leadership Institute embraces and leverages Lean and Six Sigma principles to design effective and cost efficient processes.

Organization Design and Role Definition

Companies can utilize many organizational models. Options range from process-based, functional-based, product-based and customer-based organization models. Global Leadership Institute works with clients to identify the appropriate structure based on business priorities and core capability requirements. We also work with clients to define key roles and competencies required to support organization needs.

Shared Services Strategy and Design

Many diverse organizations find significant value in consolidating various aspects of their back office operations into a common shared services operating structure. Many factors need to be considered in determining the most appropriate shared services structure, including type of services, size of operation, uniqueness of business unit requirements and expansion / acquisition strategies. Global Leadership Institute has experience in identifying the right shared services model and then enhancing the operational effectiveness of various functions such as Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Sourcing and Procurement, Accounts Payable and Customer Service.

Technology / Enterprise Architecture

Often times, a company’s technology solutions and infrastructure have evolved over time and quickly become obsolete and are no longer aligned to business needs. Aligned enterprise architecture is critical to ensuring a company’s applications meet the needs of the organization and are seamlessly integrated in a cost effective and flexible manner. Global Leadership Institute leverages its robust technology practice to assist clients in defining application and infrastructure requirements. We then work with our clients to define comprehensive enterprise architectures to guide future technology investments.