Employee Development Training in Kenya

Soft-Skills training to improve job performance, employee engagement and general business skills.

Global Leadership Institute provides training courses, seminars and workshops that enhance the skills of managers, supervisors, leaders, and the general workforce.

Offering a wide variety of soft-skill training for employees at all levels of the organization, from executive to first time managers and supervisors and front-line staff, our onsite seminars and workshops have helped thousands of employees be more successful in their role.

All of our employee training programs are highly interactive with learning activities designed around adult learning principles.

The interactive exercises, cases, discussions and practice sessions used in the training are tailored to your organization and your learner’s level of experience. We make the learning experience “real world” to ensure learner engagement. Our goal is to maximize the transfer of learning from the classroom to on-the-job application.

Employees Drive the Success of Your Company, Make Certain They Have the Soft Skills to Be Successful.

Every company has managers and executives that are essential to their company. What is going to happen when they leave? Who will take their place? Will they have the skills you want and they need to succeed? The employee development training offered by Global Leadership Institute provides every company a way to motivate your top performers to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Whether your learners are just beginning their career, with limited experience, or have been in their role for some time with little formal training, the skills developed in these soft-skill courses will help them be a better business partner.

Proven Training Solutions for Today’s Unique Employee Challenges

Driven largely by technology, change is coming faster than many companies can cope with, putting new pressures on employees and resources. Rapid change requires a skilled, knowledgeable workforce with employees who are adaptive, flexible, and focused on the future. This requires employee training and professional development at all levels of the organization.

Beyond rapid change, many employees are faced with multiple bosses, team and matrix management, direct and instant links between coworkers and your clients. All this adds up to increased pressure to communicate, interact appropriately, manage workload pressures, and balance home and career stress effectively. It is imperative that employees develop the interpersonal and soft-skills to be effective.

Global Leadership Institute offers specially selected employee training and development seminars to improve employee success at all levels.