Certified Customer Service Professional Course

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Certified Customer Service Professional Certification Course (CCSP)

Venue: Malawi Institute of Management, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Date: 5th -9th December 2022

Fees: MK 685,000

Contact: Jamal Prince Jamal +265 999 300079

Email: jamal@leadership.co.ke

Website: www.leadership.co.ke

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Course Overview

The first link between a customer and the organization is a customer service professional. Whether it’s a prospective customer walking in the store or a repeat buyer calling in to post a query, they are primarily greeted by a customer service professional or representative.

Imagine if the representative is unable to deliver the customer’s request: they take too long to search for the product asked by the customer, fumble while providing the description and are half-informed about the terms and conditions of the product. This is going to leave the customer in a sour mood.

The chance of them making a purchase is going to reduce substantially along with the probability that they’ll revisit. This is just one case where bad customer service leads to loss of sales. The absence of good customer service or the presence of bad customer service can break a business.

Good customer service leads to happy customers, positive reviews, favorable word-of-mouth and repeat sales. The question arises what makes customer service good or bad? Why do many organizations find good customer service so elusive and often fail to deliver it to their customers? The answer to this lies in the skills needed by customer service professionals to provide efficient customer service.

Customer service skills are proven crucial not only before sales and during sales but are equally important for after-sale activities. Competent customer service requires the interplay of adept communication, interpersonal and organizational skills within the customer service representatives.

How can sales team make long-lasting positive impression on the customer? What skills are needed to connect with the customer? How can the business effectively communicate business value to the customers? What are various tools that can aid in providing efficient customer service?

What skills are required to deal with difficult customers? How can the organization make customer service skills its core competency? To unriddle these queries it is necessary to dwell deeply into the various nuances of customer service skills. An untrained customer service professional may do more harm than good. The need to instill within them most essentials of customer service skills cannot be ignored.

If done rightly a team of certified customer service professionals can prove to be Holy Grail for the success of any business. Able customer service professional is the first step to customer satisfaction which ensures long-term customer loyalty for the organization.

Global Leadership Institute has introduced the Certified Customer Service Professional Training Program as it is cognizant of the importance customer service professionals carry in an organization. The training program aims to drill much-needed customer service skills in its participants.

The program focuses on developing adaptability in its participants while dealing with customers, enhance communication and listening skills, use of positive language, and maintaining a calm demeanor around customers. This training program is vital for all customer service representatives looking to develop a professional aura that will be necessary to inculcate durable relationships with customers and to generate repeat sales.

 Course Objectives

The training program aims to advance customer service representatives into certified customer service professionals by fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Develop skills of sensing the customer perspective and hence fulfilling their needs accordingly
  • Timely identifying customer needs and expectations
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through competent customer service and gain positive word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Foster teamwork skills to deal with dynamic situations such as dealing with upset customers and handling complaints
  • Cultivate empathy and positive approach to deal with customers even in difficult scenarios
  • Acquire problem-solving skills that would help in generating win-win solution during conflicts
  • Improve effective stress management and time management to productively maintain work-life balance
  • Build and sustain a culture of customer centricity within the organization

Training Methodology

  • Interactive sessions and lectures
  • Presentations
  • Management games
  • Role playing/modeling
  • Case studies
  • Group discussions
  • Problem solving sessions

Organizational Benefit

Upon successful completion of the ‘Certified Customer Service Professional Training Program’ participants shall be able to benefit their organization in following ways:

  • The organization will succeed in leaving a long-lasting positive impression on their customers with good interpersonal skills of their service professionals
  • Enhancement of brand reputation as customer-centric company in the market thereby attracting more customers
  • More active and productive sales workforce which will lead to employee satisfaction
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence among sales force will help in building a loyal customer base
  • Decrease in customer churning rate as organization will be able to retain more customers with efficient customer support
  • Better identification of customer expectations and thus be more adept at serving the customers

Personal Benefits

Successful completion of the ‘Certified Customer Service Professional Training Program’ will benefit the participants at a personal level in the following manner:

  • Develop better communication and interpersonal skills
  • Learn to deal with customers in a decisive manner which will in turn help them to timely achieve their sales target
  • Discover ways to handle work related stress in a professional manner
  • Develop a dynamic skill set that will help to stand out among peers
  • Learn to inculcate within self a positive approach to deal with customers and not let customer’s anger affect them personally

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketing professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Customer support staff
  • Customer relationship managers
  • General managers
  • Budding entrepreneurs and new business owners

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