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Certified Marketing Professional Certification Course

Venue: Mombasa, Kenya.

Date: 27th -30th July 2022

Fees: 690USD (79,000KES)

Contact: 0722 223084/0722 517646/ 020 2004965/6

Email: info@leadership.co.ke

Website: www.leadership.co.ke

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Course Overview

Marketing as a topic is often misunderstood as ‘Advertisement’. Marketing is also considered as a discipline which works in isolation. What is often ignored as a fact is that ‘Marketing’ is a Multidisciplinary field which requires marketing professionals who know all the disciplines and devise a strategy that works in reality. Marketing is a powerful company driven undertaking that derives products, sales, research, customers etc. and impacts the company’s vision.

This Certification course is for those who would want to take their Marketing prowess to another level. How will this certified marketing professional course help you? This course will help in becoming the overall expert in marketing as companies around the globe are investing heavily in order to enable strategies in their marketing efforts.

But can lack simple techniques which ranges from the old school focused group research to new age digital analytics. Marketing is considered to be one of the most dynamic subjects which requires strong grip on fundamentals and you will be able to deal with every bit of marketing after this course

This Global Leadership Institute training course will equip you with the latest managerial and technical know-hows for strategizing, executing and tracking a comprehensive marketing strategy for the organization. This course will translate the theory-based learning to a practical based marketing learning thus making you a true Marketing Professional.

Course Objectives

Post completing this “Certified Marketing Professional Course”, participants shall be able to:

  • Understand in details what exactly Marketing in the current environment means for them
  • Have the knowledge of core principles of marketing with an approach to apply it
  • Understand the relevance of the ‘new age’ marketing methods
  • Realize the importance of marketing channels
  • Have a managerial orientation towards marketing efforts
  • Back the marketing strategy with research and analytics
  • Keeping customers and products at the centre of marketing strategy
  • Have a multidisciplinary mind-set

Training Methodology

This Certified Marketing Professional Training course shall comprise of the following training methods:

  • Interactive Sessions and Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Group Discussions / Role Plays
  • Case Studies & Functional Exercises
  • Peer Learning
  • Hands on use of latest tools

 Organizational Benefits

Employees taking up the Certified Marketing Professional Course will benefit the organization in various ways like:

  • Realize the true potential of your marketing teams
  • Have the right managerial skills in your marketing professionals
  • Close the disparity between the marketing strategies and Company’s vision/mission
  • Increase productivity
  • Have various marketing avenues at your disposal
  • Market as per the latest trends/demands
  • Understand and target your customers better

Personal Benefits

  • Become more relevant in the current changing marketing landscapes
  • Imbibe core Marketing Concepts
  • Identify the current marketing challenges and address them with latest technique, management tools and technology
  • Devise new communication strategies that works for you
  • Better manage marketing agencies working for your organization
  • Effectively track your marketing efforts
  • Create a professional network with various marketing professionals

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior Marketing leaders / CMO/ CXOs
  • Sales professionals
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Marketing Leads
  • Advertising experts
  • PR Professionals
  • New Business Owners
  • Marketing Influencers
  • Start-up founders

About Global Leadership Institute

Global Leadership Institute is a leading Premier transformational training and consulting organization that delivers corporate training, coaching, workshops and consulting services.

Our management facilitators and consultants have decades of experience transforming people & performance in leading organizations around the globe. We support organizations in becoming thriving places to work, connect and succeed. We achieve these outcomes by tapping into managers’ leadership strengths, growing their communication skills, & deepening their professional resilience.

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